Humble Mobile Bundle 2 Adds Three Additional Games

Humble Mobile Bundle 2 Adds Three Additional Games

Oct 2, 2013

The Humble Mobile Bundle 2 has been kicking along, having sold over 120,000 copies and making over $560,000 for developers, charity, and Humble themselves, of course. And as is par for the course for most of the main bundles Humble offers, the pot has been sweetened for those who kick in above the average ($4.54 as of press time) with three new games:

Karateka Classic: Jordan Mechner’s classic fighting game, the grand-daddy of them all, has players fighting their way through a deadly dojo to save the princess from the warlord Akuma, and his hawk, who is back from 1984 to annoy gamers in 2013. The bundle includes the Making of Karateka e-book for good measure!

God of Blades: White Whale Games’ side-scrolling endless action game inspired by 70’s sci-fi, coincidentally somewhat akin to fellow bundle-mate Punch Quest, is part of the bundle as well. The bundle includes available for the first time, the game’s soundtrack as well.

QWOP: Bennett Foddy’s infamous track sprinter ‘simulation’’s mobile variant has been brought to Android with the help of Noodlecake Games, and is part of the bundle here as well. Running is hard!

The Humble Mobile Bundle goes until next Wednesday, October 9th.

Carter Dotson
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