Humble Mobile Bundle Brings 9 Android-Exclusive Titles to Gamers at a Pay-What-You-Want Price

Humble Mobile Bundle Brings 9 Android-Exclusive Titles to Gamers at a Pay-What-You-Want Price

Apr 2, 2013

The most recent Humble Bundle for Android happened only weeks ago, but there’s a brand new bundle with Android games now available, but most interestingly, this one is Android-exclusive. The Humble Mobile Bundle boasts up to 9 Android games (based on how much the person spends), from a variety of developers and publishers. Here’s a rundown:

Contre Jour: The Chillingo-published atmospheric physics puzzler has players trying to get the mysterious creature Petit from danger to safety by flinging him around dark and mysterious landscapes.

Anomaly Korea: 11 bit Studios’ tower offense game has players commanding armies of creeps into and around enemy defenses. Read our review for more on this one.

Plants vs. Zombies: PopCap’s famous casual-friendly strategy game, where players use an increasingly-complex number of defenses to keep various zombie hordes from attacking their house, is part of the bundle as well.

Bladeslinger: This 3D action game has players fighting monsters in a 3D wild west landscape. The game was only recently made publicly available for all Android users.

These games are available for those who pay above the average:

Metal Slug 3: SNK Playmore’s classic run ‘n gun game, ported by Dotemu, has plenty of explosions, fantastic animations, and all the retro gameplay one would expect from SNK. Read our review for more.

The Room: This atmospheric adventure game, which was a surprise hit on iOS, makes its Android debut. Players try to crack open the mysterious safe in the room they’re trapped in, but things soon get very strange…

Funky Smugglers: In the 70’s and before the time of the TSA, everyone looked funky and many people tried to smuggle things. It’s your job to keep that from happening, no matter how funky cool a brother looks.

Another World: This classic adventure game has been brought to Android with the help of Dotemu, and players must try to navigate a strange alien landscape. Gamepad support is here along with touch controls.

Raiden Legacy: Another Dotemu title, this is a shoot ’em up with multiple titles in the classic Raiden arcade series to enjoy. Read our review for more.

This bundle lasts until Tuesday April 9th, so those interested should hop on this quickly.

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