Humble Weekly Sales Come to Android With 11 bit studios’ Anomaly Series

Humble Weekly Sales Come to Android With 11 bit studios’ Anomaly Series

Jun 13, 2013

The Humble Bundle folks are continuing to branch out into Android distribution with the latest Weekly Sale featuring the Anomaly series. 11 bit studios has a pay-what-you-want sale for one week that for Android gamers includes Anomaly Warzone Earth, the sequel Anomaly Korea, and two of 11 bit’s other titles: Sleepwalker’s Journey and Funky Smugglers. The APKs are all available as direct download from the website or by installing their app. The games are DRM free for Android, and include PC versions as well.

This is interesting in two facets: one, this is maybe the highest-profile Android-facing side of a weekly sale from Humble yet. They’re definitely making a push into being a distribution platform with more sales, more bundles, and even individual games that sell using their platform. While Android is seemingly a smaller part of this at the moment, it’s still something that’s being included. The previous Serious Sam sale included the Android version of Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack, but this is comprehensively Android-supported. This is with the exception of the original Anomaly: Warzone Earth, where the mobile campaign is different enough that 11 bit has decided to include it in the bundle for the PC versions. Mobile content moving to PC…quite backwards!

The sale runs until 2pm EDT on June 20th.

Carter Dotson
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