Ice Cream Sandwich Adoption: Still Slow, but Improving Slightly

Ice Cream Sandwich Adoption: Still Slow, but Improving Slightly

May 3, 2012

The growth of Ice Cream Sadiwch continues to trudge along, slowly but surely. The numbers are at 4.9% for all Android ICS variants. This is likely being spurred on by the Galaxy Nexus and its continued spread; some tablets like the Motorola Xoom are getting the update, though only on their wifi configuration.

However, considering that Android 2.3.x variants make up 63.9% of devices running Android, and even 2.1 Eclair has more users on it than Ice Cream Sandwich, it seems as if something is incredibly wrong with Android updates if an OS released in 2009 is exceeding the latest versions of Android. It’s not just a question of new smartphones launching with ICS, like the HTC One X – when devices like the Galaxy Note that are getting major marketing pushes are still being advertised, and don’t even have Ice Cream Sandwich, there’s definite signs of an issue here.

The sad thing is that this situation is much improved from February, when ICS only made up 1% of Android users.

Carter Dotson
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