iCookbook Brings a Huge Cookbook to Android Devices

iCookbook Brings a Huge Cookbook to Android Devices

Jul 14, 2011

What’s the problem with cookbooks? Well, they don’t have touchscreens. Or internet access. Or the ability to add new recipes. Plus, with the limits of paper, there’s only so many recipes they can old without a cookbook becoming too big to use! However, the beauty of tablets is that they have large, touchable screens, and they have wifi internet access in order to download new information! All they need is a good cookbook app to help to turn their devices into bona fide cookbooks. iCookbook, now available on Android, aims to do just this.

iCookbook offers over two thousand recipes from within the pages of the app. This app is designed to be used while cooking, so having a tablet stand will help out with using the app. The app works with phones as well, but is optimized for tablet usage. Users can easily search for recipes from within the app. Ever wanted to make buffalo chicken pizza? Just search for “buffalo” and different recipes for buffalo chicken pizza will pop up, along with other kinds of spicy buffalo-flavored treats. Each recipe comes with preparation instructions and pictures, and a space for users to add their own notes to the recipe, so they can note their own cooking instructions or changes to the recipe. The app also offers a cooking timer, and the ability to convert units to other forms of measurement.

iCookbook’s regular price for Android will be $4.99, but those with access to the Amazon Appstore can get it for free on July 14th from there. It’s optimized for tablet devices, but will run on phones; graphical elements and text will be smaller, but the app is still usable, it will just require a bit of squinting. iCookbook is a limited-time exclusive to the Amazon Appstore, and will launch worldwide on the Android Market on August 7th.

Carter Dotson
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