Imaginative Billiards-Curling Game ‘Curlliard’ Launches

Imaginative Billiards-Curling Game ‘Curlliard’ Launches

Jun 14, 2016

Fresh out of the nChant oven comes a new, interesting game that melds elements of billiards and bowling into a cool game and and a groovy title: Curlliard.

– Video Tutorial: you can learn the game rule easily.
– New Game Modes: 10 round and 30 round arena added.
– Balance: Bigger core lets you play easier in beginning rounds.
– Mission: Complete daily mission and get reward.
– Coin: Get coins by hitting cushions or completing a mission.
– Shop Items: Game theme can be changed with coins.
– Pause: Game can be hold by touching pause button.

Curlliard comes in as a free-to-play game.

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