An in-depth look at Honor 8 Pro and its best new features

An in-depth look at Honor 8 Pro and its best new features

May 22, 2017

Those that often struggle to wade through the crowds of new smartphone releases when their contract expires every 1-2 years might want to consider the new Honor 8 Pro, the latest smartphone of Honor brand under Huawei that packs a suite of new physical and technological enhancements.

The new model iterates on all the key features first introduced with the original Honor 8 device, though now delivering the extreme power modern phone users expect to stay up to speed.

Redefining how users interact with a 5.7-inch smartphone, the Honor 8 Pro boasts an ultra-slim exterior while still being able to make use of a rather sizeable 4,000mAh battery. This helps to assure that if in use for large stretches of time the Pro remains safe to hold, being an inherently sleek design that also offers long battery life.

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The Honor 8 Pro’s screen offers a cinematic Quad HD display experience, helping to bring users closer to the action, be it in the form of a movie or video game. Designed from the ground up with virtual reality use also in mind, the smartphone’s box is easily folded to form a VR headset that is made all the immersive thanks to such a high quality display.


Both front facing and back cameras come to the aid of anyone hoping to capture life’s most memorable moments easily and seamlessly, with the Pro iteration of the Honor 8 now integrating Upgraded dual 12-megapixel technology into its design. Photos and videos will be stunningly captured like never before, especially when shooting in 4K.


Speaking of the Honor 8 Pro’s improved tech, many noteworthy gaming experiences await by virtue of the Vulkan API and Kirin 960 chipset. Even when playing the most hardware intensive games, such architecture results in high processing speeds so the experience can be enjoyed unhindered and without hassle.

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