Instagram Begins Signups for Android App

Instagram Begins Signups for Android App

Mar 26, 2012

Instagram, the popular iOS filtered photo service and social network, has taken one more step toward its next big step: Android. Teased at various intervals, now a registration page to be alerted when the app goes live is up on the Instagram website.

This may be the most-demanded app from Android users, and the concern from Instagram with launching may be if their servers can handle a massive expansion of users, because they do host the images themselves. There is an API available to access Instgram images, but this appears to be view-only; actually posting to Instagram requires deeper hooks that may only be available on a limited basis. One of the few known 3rd party Instagram apps is Hipstamatic, which is still on iOS. That’s not helping Android users out. Until then, users can use apps like InstaRoid for phones or HoneyGram for Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich tablets, or even Google TV.

But until that day when Instagram for Android is loosed upon the world, we’ll just have to put up with third-party photo filtering solutions like Lightbox. Sigh.

Carter Dotson
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