iStoreHours Lets Users Find Out When Places Nearby Are Actually Open

iStoreHours Lets Users Find Out When Places Nearby Are Actually Open

Aug 31, 2012

iStoreHours is an app listing store hours that was made for people like me. As a night owl, I frequently run into the issue of places I want to go during my prime hours that are closed, because apparently the rest of society thinks it's cool to wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night, not the other way around! As well, websites tend to be lax with their store hours information, and I don't want to call anyone about their store hours – ever.

So that's where iStoreHours comes in. They claim to have the largest directory of when places are open, with over 4 million listings contributed by over 25,000 members. By default, the app opens up showing the hours and contact information for stores and restaurants nearby. Stores can be exported to contacts, and looked up on Google Maps. Incorrect listings can be reported in the app, and new ones can be added. iStoreHours is available for free from Google Play.


Carter Dotson
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