Jet Car Stunts Lite Now Available

Jet Car Stunts Lite Now Available

Jan 10, 2011

A little over two weeks ago, developer True Axis brought their hugely popular iOS game Jet Car Stunts over to the Android platform. Despite positive reviews, Jet Car Stunts hasn’t received the download explosion one would expect from a hit iOS port. One of the biggest complaints and hindrances thus far has been the lack of a “Lite” version for users to try out before committing to a purchase. “Lite” or “Free” versions have become increasingly necessary on Android since the market refund policy was changed. Users are now much more hesitant to purchase an app that does not include some sort of trial version for fear of getting stuck with a lemon.

As of Sunday, Android users no longer have an excuse as to why they haven’t downloaded this fun and challenging racing platformer. Jet Car Stunts Lite is now available in the Android Market and includes the same gaming experience as the full paid version.

Jet Car Stunts is a smooth 3D driving game better categorized as a platformer. Instead of racing against opponents as you would in a typical racing game, you are racing against the different tracks. Complete massive jumps, mid-air hoops, floating platforms and spiral roadways in one of three game modes: Platforming, Time Trial, and Tutorials. Features for Jet Car Stunts include:

  • 8 insane tracks in the “Lite” version or 36 in the “Full” version.
  • Smash Physics.
  • Tight, responsive accelerometer driving controls.
  • Jet assisted drift handling.
  • Half car, half jet with in-air control surfaces.
  • Upload replays with your best times.

Along with fast and challenging gameplay, Jet Car Stunts allows users to unlock acheivements and play for top position amongst a global leaderboard all thanks to its integration with popular social gaming network OpenFeint.

If you find yourself enjoying Jet Car Stunts Lite, I highly recommend supporting the developer by purchasing the full version which is available for about $2.00. Download information and eye candy below. Enjoy!

Download: Jet Car Stunts Lite

Download: Jet Car Stunts

Source: Android Police

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