Jongla Brings Cross-Platform Messaging and YouTube Sharing to Android

Jongla Brings Cross-Platform Messaging and YouTube Sharing to Android

Jun 17, 2013

Jongla, a free messaging service for mobile devices, is trying to make mobile messaging more cross-platform and more dynamic with more media options. The app, recently updated on Android, allows for users who register with their phone (sorry tablet users, the app isn’t supported yet) to send messages to other users of Jongla, be they on iOS, the upcoming Windows Phone version, or most interestingly, on the web. Jongla features an HTML5 client that lets its users read and send their messages from any web browser. Take that, iMessage!

Jongla’s newest feature is the ability to easily share YouTube videos from within the app. Tapping the + icon to share media now features a YouTube option. This pulls up a mobile web view for YouTube’s site, which then makes it easy to search for videos, or to check out the top videos featured on YouTube’s front page. Then, tap the send arrow, and a link to the video will be added to the message to be sent to your contact. Simple as that.

Jongla is available for free from Google Play.

Carter Dotson
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