Kami Retro from Gamevil Now Available on Android Market For Free

Kami Retro from Gamevil Now Available on Android Market For Free

Jun 14, 2011

Gamevil has brought their iOS platformer Kami Retro to Android. This is Gamevil’s take on the platformer genre, where the player guides 4 retro-inspired heroes that occasionally like to dress up in silly outfits, like bunny outfits. The heroes run constantly forward, and are controlled by swipes from the player to direct their jumping angle and movement direction. Later levels introduce movable level elements, like springboards and fans, that must be placed properly for the retro heroes to make it to the end safely. There are objects along the way to collect, and getting all 3 stars on a level requires that all 4 heroes survive and as many objects as possible be collected. However, a level can be completed if only 1 hero survives. There are also bonus levels where one hero is guided to collect all the objects on screen in under 60 seconds. There are 5 worlds to play, later ones being opened up as stars are collected on previous levels.

Curiously, the game is available as a free download for Android, at least right now; there’s an ad space on the title screen, but it is currently just used to promote another Gamevil game. There does not appear to be any form of in-app purchase, either, at least from what is immediately apparent, so how Gamevil is making money off of this is curious. The likely answer is that it is indeed a limited-time freebie, especially considering that it is a paid app on iOS. The Android port is well worth its weight in free (as in beer), or even at the same price as iOS; game looks absolutely gorgeous on the Galaxy S’ 800×480 screen, without any stretching or pixelation; the game runs at the native resolution and aspect ratio perfectly. In a world where other Android ports fail to neglect this, Gamevil doing this for what is currently a free release is a great value. Update: The app is ad-supported, they just do not appear on devices/ROMs that support ad-blocking via hosts file.

Kami Retro is available from the Android Market right now
, and is a recommended download, especially for free. Read my review on 148Apps for more details on the game.

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