KickStarter Spotlight: The Bartender

KickStarter Spotlight: The Bartender

Apr 25, 2013

For the over-21 crowd there are not many things that spice up a good night with friends than sitting back and mixing up a few bar favorites. The obvious caveat is that not everyone is a trained bar tender and a poorly mixed drink can put a damper on a good night. Amazingly there are machines that will mix drinks automatically, but those have a large footprint and, besides being expensive, are cumbersome and hard to clean. Besides, what is the fun of making a good lemon drop if some machine pumps one out automatically. So, get a glass that has all those recipes on the side measured out by volume. Well, the problem here is that there can only be 6-7 mixtures tops, and there are hundreds of drink recipes in the world. Also, those do a poor job at measuring solids like sugar or salt. The answer is The Barman, an ingenious KickStarter project by John Gallagher of Sewell, New Jersey.

The Barman uses a completely different way to measure liquids that is indifferent to glass weight or ice amount, a technology called differential weighing which allows for much more accurate weighing of mixtures and liquids. The way The Barman works is a mobile app sends mixing instructions to the base, and a twin pair of LED’s that sit under the glass of choice glow blue. A small display in the front shows what liquid is needed and a progress bar will slowly fill up until the correct mass is deposited, and the red LED will illuminate the glass to give a more visual warning. Because of the nature of the scale, solids are also able to be accurately weighed, meaning sugar, salt, and other solids can, for the first time, be measured.

What really makes this project attractive is the amount of customization that can allow the user to tweak any recipe to make is stronger or more flavorful. Custom recipes can be added by measuring exact amounts of each liquor to make any drink perfectly replicable. Of course the app is Facebook and Twitter connected, allowing anyone to share their nightly indulgence with a friend or family member across the globe. The sheer connectivity and incredible ambition make this project something worth investing in, and I look forward to having one of these in my liquor cabinet in the future.

Joseph Bertolini
Joseph is an Mechanical Engineering student at The Ohio State University as well as an amateur photographer.
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  • Jason Brown

    I backed this project on Kickstarter over a year ago and still haven’t received my Barman. I’ve tried contacting the creator and he won’t reply. I’m not the only backer in this situation. Very poor customer service if you ask me. Even customers who purchased online are getting the run around.

  • Jason: very dismal. Sorry to here this.