KickStarter Spotlight: Beastgrip

KickStarter Spotlight: Beastgrip

Oct 16, 2013

Being an amateur photographer myself the Instagramed over-filtered photo movement is slowly killing me inside. As the camera sensors on phones keeps improving the line between phone and camera becomes increasingly blurred, but until legitimate lenses could be securely mounted onto phones the gap would still be too great to be considered serious. This is exactly why this week’s KickStarter Spotlight, Beastgrip, caught my eye. The Beastgrip is a device that holds most smartphones and allows for easy mounting and attaching of lenses to turn any modern smartphone into a full fledged photography machine.

Staying true to its name the Beastgrip is a “beast” of a grip. The thing is huge, but honestly, it has to be in order to account for as many phones and mounts as possible. Attach the Beastgrip wherever any other camera mount could go: the side of a car, on a longboard, a pole for some first person skiing; the list goes on. In short, the Beastgrip is one of the best ways to turn that normal smartphone into a GoPro.

8999a93386460dfc35df85652572da9e_largeI probably would not be spotlighting the Beastgrip if it was not for the option to attach 37mm and 52mm threaded mount lenses. Anyone who works with cameras knows that lenses are massively important and are the main reason most smartphones will never fully render the standalone camera obsolete. Pretty much any lens can be attached from wide angle and fisheye to telephoto and macro; even SLR prime lenses will work with the proper adapters. So no more adding filters in post-processing, slap a real color filter on the Beastgrip and get some great hipster shots the old fashioned way, J.J. Abrams lens flare and all.

Currently, the Beastgrip is being offered for incremental $65, $70, $75, and $85 donations, but supplies are limited as the $65 and $75 offers have both already sold out. So, anyone looking to take their smartphone to the next level and add some professional level touch to their Instagram page should definitely give Beastgrip a look.

Joseph Bertolini
Joseph is an Mechanical Engineering student at The Ohio State University as well as an amateur photographer.
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