KickStarter Spotlight: Chipolo

KickStarter Spotlight: Chipolo

Oct 23, 2013

Maybe this post is repetitive considering I made a post a while ago championing the Keeo keychain that can send alerts when I eventually forget my keys somewhere. In that post I explained how miserable I am when it comes to losing my belongings; be it keys, wallet, or phone. It is a common complaint made by many, and that is why Chipolo is a device that I can easily see being very successful. Chipolo is a bluetooth tagging system that easily syncs with any smartphone and allows the user to quickly find any tagged items so long as they are within the 200 ft. range. That range might seem restricting, but considering the app will send a small notification if a specific tag goes out of range it is hard to see leaving something outside of that area.

There are a lot of bluetooth tagging systems out there, and it is a legitimate concern that Chipolo has not done enough to differentiate themselves from the crowd. I can safely say that while it is not the most innovative KickStarter Spotlight we have done here, it is much more polished and generally of a higher quality than its competition. One feature that is generally unique to Chipolo is the built in temperature sensor, and a very attractive app that really makes using Chipolo more of an experience. The app will record the last known position and temperature of any tag that has gone out of range which can help me pinpoint exactly which bar I left my wallet in. To find a tag simply hit the magnifying glass icon and a number 0-100 apears to help determine proximity. For further help, pressing the giant horn button will make the tag in question put out a short beep.

All of these subtle features add up to create a great product that will surely become indispensable for many forgetful individuals such as myself. A future plan for this small startup is to create a network of Chipolo users who can look for community memeber’s lost items with their Chipolo app. This expansive thinking and ambition is an encouraging sign, and is one of the reasons that with still 23 days to go Chipolo is more than fully funded. This is not to discourage anyone from checking them out and donating themselves; every little bit helps, and plus, who does not need help being a little more organized.

Joseph Bertolini
Joseph is an Mechanical Engineering student at The Ohio State University as well as an amateur photographer.
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