KickStarter Spotlight: Cube Sync

Music is one of the best ways to convey specific emotions and is the easiest way to add suspense, drama, comedy, or action to any movie scene or video game. Games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band became popular because of the then-innovative way they blended music and addictive gameplay. Inherently these games remained restrictive to the kinds of games that the developers decided to implement, and often, by their nature, did not include recent releases or more unknown songs or artists.

So, I guess the solution is to allow players to create their own gameplay from their favorite songs. I used to play a fairly popular mobile Guitar Hero-esque game that allowed the user to import their own songs and create the note patterns which would then be available for playback in the future. This was a step in the right direction, but the hassle of keying up every song was too much. Well here to break the mold and introduce a game that organically forms to any currently playing song is Amir England. Amir has created a stunning game called Cube Sync that works like familar endless runners of the past, but creates those oncoming obstacles in accordance to the beat of my music.

Now every level is different and they are enhanced by the song of my choosing. Slap on some hectic EDM music and watch the screen fill a cascade of glowing red cubes hurtling toward our blue protagonist. The visuals here are pulled straight out of Tron and are quite amazing to look at. Another thing that impressed me is the subtle animation quirks when I would switch between the 5 separate rails or jump over an oncoming cube. These are the little things that help set apps apart from one another, and Cube Sync is full of these little details. Another example is the thrilling sense of speed upon getting a green power up cube. The subtle cube blocks that spray out upon obliterating block after block for those fleeting seconds is quite enjoyable.

Like all KickStarter projects this one will never see the light of day unless they are properly funded by the community. So if this game sounds interesting please do not hesitate to swing over to their KickStarter page and help make this project a reality.

Joseph Bertolini
Joseph is an Mechanical Engineering student at The Ohio State University as well as an amateur photographer.
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