KickStarter Spotlight: The Dead Flowers Case

KickStarter Spotlight: The Dead Flowers Case

Nov 6, 2013

Android Rundown is proud to Spotlight a great new project from French studio Mando Productions. Going by The Dead Flowers Case this ‘point and click’ investigative adventure places the player in an impressively detailed steampunk paradise. This world is set in a time where plants and sunshine are vague memories of the past, and the entire world is mechanized like some futuristic, steampunk Industrial Revolution. The entire world is fantastically designed by world-class artist Stéphane Halleux and blends traditional steampunk elements with a dare-I-say Tim Burton-esque touch of the macabre. There is plenty of concept art on the game’s website

Like similar games, the story revolves around a murder. This time it is of an important accountant inside the automobile production building; a murder that is in need of solving. Finding clues is aided by a few futuristic machines, and the team promises “hours” of gameplay riddled with suspense, puzzles, twists, and plenty of deep thought.


Mando Productions is currently running a promotional contest for one of two limited edition signed The Dead Flowers Case art prints. The contest’s widget can be found below, and it is a real prize; the artwork in this game is incredible.

Tomorrow, Thursday November 7th, The Dead Flowers Case goes live on KickStarter and its fate becomes entirely up to the public. So, I strongly encourage everyone to check out the page tomorrow and consider putting their name into the contest; this game is really something special. Public opinion for similar games has wained in recent years, but the world should never be truly without game with such richness and potentially gripping story.


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