KickStarter Spotlight: Drone

KickStarter Spotlight: Drone

Oct 30, 2013

With the recent advent of incredibly legitimate games for the ever more powerful smartphone and tablet market there has been a certain clamor for a mobile physical controller to offset the only drawback to playing a game on a giant touchscreen. Some curse the consoles for making us so reliable on these contraptions, but the fact remains that we, as a gaming culture, have become entirely dependent on console-quality controllers. 4 face buttons, a D-pad, start/select, and 2 joysticks, triggers, and bumpers. This is the foundation we have built for ourselves. So, instead of fighting, it is definitely easier to pony up small sum for a quality mobile controller. Now, obviously because the design is fairly set, and the demand is so high, there are a lot of startups who are looking to design the first flagship, go-to mobile controller, and we have even covered a few here. One worth keeping an eye on, however, is called Drone, and it is produced by Evolution Controllers out in Microsoft’s backyard in Redmond, WA.

So what does Drone have that other similar product’s do not? Well, for starters it supports a lot more devices than simply smartphones and tablets, and the build quality looks to be top of the line. The Drone comes in 7 different colors, including a personal favorite, matte black, and sports an Xbox configuration with the joystick placement (also a preference of mine). Another thing the Drone has going for it is the fact that it is completely open source; meaning that developers simply need to make their firmware available for download an the controller is instantly compatible. This makes the Drone a comparatively safer purchase as it is essentially ‘future-proof’. The Drone is also incredibly portable, coming in at about 5″x2.5″x1″, and with over 17 hours of battery life this is definitely something that can withstand a week of train rides to work.

It is looking that the drone will retail for $60 which is on the high end of the scale but is a fair price considering its feature set and quality. First, the Drone needs to complete its funding goal which, as of writing, is unfulfilled. So head on over to their KickStarter page and help the Drone controller become the new standard for quality mobile controllers.

Joseph Bertolini
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