KickStarter Spotlight: FloJack

KickStarter Spotlight: FloJack

Nov 14, 2012

Near Field Communication. It is one of the biggest things that any Android fanboy will trump as the easiest bet for the future. Everything will be NFC-enabled and it could just completely replace credit cards as we know it. If I seemed a bit sarcastic in this onset it was completely by accident as I, myself, am excited as anyone for NFC to take off. In the very near future customers will be traveling the aisles of their closest grocery outlet and collecting coupons is as simple as tapping their phone up to a daily deal it is stored in their phone for checkout where another tap is all it takes to pay and the most efficient grocery run ever is complete.

The only problem with NFC is is it having trouble getting off the ground and the biggest anchor is the fact that there are still a very small number of devices that are NFC compatible. Sure the top flight Android and Windows phones feature NFC chips but until the current “legacy” versions of Android are phased out and Apple jumps on the NFC train this convenience will remain a nice service. While this will certainly happen it does not hurt to expedite the service some, right? This is exactly what the great minds at Flomio have done. Most companies have a dogged relationship to certain brands and further drive the wedge between Android users and iOS, but that is not the case here at Flomio; all they want is to simply unite the smartphone collective under one standard NFC flag. They do this by means of a detachable NFC dongle, the FloJack, that resembles Square’s card reader. This circular paddle can be used to interact with all the NFC goodies around our world now, but also to write data onto Flomio’s ZAPPS which are little NFC chips that might be the most intriguing aspect of Flomio’s KickStarter campaign. These small, domed plastic stickers are rewritable and can be used for almost anything. One could place a ZAPP on the car dashboard that would turn the phone into driving mode, or place one in each party invite that comes with an address link that opens the recipients map app.

The possibilities are unlimited and with a completely open developer program new ideas will be rolling in faster then they can be processed. By bringing NFC to the masses Flomio aims to remove one of the last excuses companies and local businesses have for not adopting NFC. What’s more, if funded successful, I wholeheartedly believe they can succeed.

Joseph Bertolini
Joseph is an Mechanical Engineering student at The Ohio State University as well as an amateur photographer.
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