KickStarter Spotlight: Holho

KickStarter Spotlight: Holho

Sep 25, 2013

Saying the word ‘hologram’ will immediately bring thoughts of Princess Leia pleading for help or a Sith Lord catching up on the progress of the Death Star. Unfortunately, this is not possible today and those representations do not obey certain laws of physics as cool as they seem. Holograms are a thing, though, and are actually fairly easy to create under the right circumstances assuming that the viewer goes in expecting something less than what he or she has seen on TV. Being able to hold these holograms is very rare as the components needed to set them up was not exactly portable. But one extremely creative group of programmers and designers from Houston and Italy have come up with a way to put the power of holograms in the hands of smartphone or tablet users.

Named the Holho it is a pyramidal shaped piece of plastic that reflects carefully oriented images on the screen of any Android or iOS device to create a free-floating image that our brains perceive as three-dimensional. The pyramid sits directly on the device’s screen, and some of the examples shown in the Holho’s KickStarter video are pretty impressive; showing various animals flying or swimming around seemingly in thin air above a tablet or smartphone. This works via an app that will take stock images and place then such that they are more or less projected onto the angled face of the Holho. The Holho can work either with the screen on top or on bottom, whichever is more appropriate for a specific application.

THere are three types of Holho’s slated for production the first two being the aforementioned four sided pyramid that will sit on top of or support any aptly sized device. The third is more interesting; it has a 10″ bay on top that holds a tablet and only has three sides; the fourth being a black plastic backing. This is aimed for presentations and professional use because the image is easier to see with the back wall and the hiding of the tablet adds an air of mystery and magic to the whole display.


While the purely practical applications are limited it is not hard to see a few educators or salesmen picking these up to really drive home their point. The Holho also does not seem to be terribly expensive with the phone size probably retailing for around $30. I hightly recommend checking out the KickStarter page, considering donating to this truly innovative cause, and getting a good early bird deal in the process.

Joseph Bertolini
Joseph is an Mechanical Engineering student at The Ohio State University as well as an amateur photographer.
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