Kickstarter Spotlight: Island of Diamonds

Kickstarter Spotlight: Island of Diamonds

Feb 8, 2012

This week for our Kickstarter Spotlight we have a great game that is already in the final stages but just needs that final push across the finish line. Island of Diamonds is an indie game by first time programmers under the name Happymonitor Games Studio. It is very much akin to the immensely popular Super Monkey Ball franchise, and the main gameplay simply involves an user-controlled, spunky coconut named Seamus who is forced to navigate treacherous structures in his pursuit of diamonds. Based on early gameplay videos, Island of Diamonds looks visually striking and the slightly shell-shaded, fully 3-D environment fits well with the overall feel of the game. This level of quality is hardly seen from an initial launch for first time developers, but it is just another example of the great contribution that indie programmers make to the landscape of mobile gaming.

Seeing as Happymonitor Games Studio already has a working iOS version, they are not asking for much on Kickstarter, just enough to equip themselves with the minimum for a solid Android launch. The asking price is even more reasonable considering that, up until now, their entire endeavor has been self-funded which includes small but costly expenses such as buying software and hardware, registering licenses and good ol’ free time. A great feature in Kickstarter is overfunding, because a project never stops receiving funding even when the goal is reached, developers can provide overfunding goals. In the case of Island of Diamonds the developers promise a foray into multiply and global leaderboards as well as animated cutscenes for their coconut protagonist.

For those who use their phone as a portable gaming platform, I strongly endorse Island of Diamonds. Glancing through the screen shots and gameplay video, I am amazed with the level of quality here; both in the technically impressive graphics and rich, colorful levels. So take a look, and consider giving up that fatty lunch that would have been purchased today in order to help some deserving developers get the coconut rolling.

Joseph Bertolini
Joseph is an Mechanical Engineering student at The Ohio State University as well as an amateur photographer.
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