KickStarter Spotlight: Jorno

KickStarter Spotlight: Jorno

Sep 19, 2012

One of the biggest arguements in the smarphone world is the battle between tactile and virtual keyboards. Both have their pros and cons as having a hard keyboard means thicker phone and usually a smaller screen, but the frustrations with virtual keyboards have been well documented. For power smartphone users there is a glut of small Bluetooth keyboards with stands, but the problem with these is that they are all just too wide or too thick to be truly portable. Scott Starrett, a developer from Los Angeles has developed a Bluetooth keyboard that has three hinges instead of just the typical one and folds up into a block that is just 3 inches square and only 1 inch thick. For reference, this is not much bigger than an old GameBoy Advance SP. Where most wireless keyboards fit comfortably into a bookbag or alongside a tablet it is very rare to find one that can easily slip into a back pocket or sweatshirt.

The elegantly named Jorno is so portable that heavy typing can be done from literally anywhere that is acessable by foot and planning ahead is no longer required. Simply throw the Jorno into the back pocket, head off across town, and use the keyboard whenever an important email appears or inspiration strikes.

While the average consumer will find this project possibly superflourious and maybe a little bit pricy at $120; power users and businessmen will find Jorno a godsend. Included with the keyboard is an attached stand which makes for easy viewing and the good news is that this stand is removable which allows for increased flexibility and comfortability. This stand holds a wide variety of products, phones to tablets, and, at least from the video, seems very sturdy. One question I have is the practicality of using Jorno with a tablet as there is no indication to the quality of the actual keyboard and there are better Bluetooth keyboards for less money that fold up to the size of a tablet. For those who are carrying a large tablet anyway, the extra size of a different Bluetooth keyboard might not be that much of an inconveinence.

After all is said, however, the portablity and conveinence are unmatched for the price, and anyone looking for a Bluetooth keyboard for their mobile devices should definitely take a look at Jorno which, at the time of this writing, has less than a month to accumulate over $83,000. So, needless to say, every little bit counts.

Joseph Bertolini
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