KickStarter Spotlight: Lil’ Sherman

KickStarter Spotlight: Lil’ Sherman

Apr 4, 2012

The traditional tower defense genre has definitely been worn thin, so it is time to uproot those towers and stretch their legs in a KickStarter project called Lil’ Sherman. As is probably obvious by the name, Lil’ Sherman puts the user in control of a cartoon tank with the mission of safeguarding supplies and clearing out the proverbial baddies. The gameplay has two parts that help break up the monotony of static towers slaughtering infinite waves of mindless drones. The first part is classic tower defense; protect a valuable command center from relentless droves of enemies with increasingly powerful armaments. But what makes Lil’ Sherman different is that there also is a third-person shooter element as the game puts the player in control of their very own tank and gives them the chance to go all Rambo on their foes.

If the Rambo image was too strong, don’t worry because this game has a nice cartoony design that will make it instantly accessible to kids and acceptable to their parents. The choice to distance the game from reality works perfectly because the World War II theme could have easily become too dark and serious for the intended demographic. Also, making the game more cartoonish provides room for humor and completely unrealistic weapons; both of which Lil’ Sherman looks to deliver. As in most other games in the genre, these weapons can be earned after completing certain objectives or destroying enough enemies and Lil’ Sherman promises to bring a deep customization menu for more sophisticated gamers.

Like many recent KickStarter projects, Lil’ Sherman utilizes the Unity 3D game engine that allows for great graphics; and combined with the art design, this game should really be gorgeous, especially on a tablet. The developers, Floppy Entertainment, are asking for $20,000 to bring this project to iOS and Android, and as of writing this they are about 15% of the way to that goal with 19 days remaining. Like all these projects I encourage everyone to check them out a consider donating a few dollars to help someone’s dream become a reality.

Joseph Bertolini
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