KickStarter Spotlight: New Orbit

KickStarter Spotlight: New Orbit

Jan 15, 2014

When looking for a good project to spotlight this week I had trouble finding a deserving Android-compatible game. There suddenly seems to be a random dearth of games up for funding, but as always a deserving candidate rose to the top. This week’s spotlight is cast on a great little game called New Orbit; which is actually the second part to a previous game that garnered some impressive attention considering it was built by a one-man team. This time around, however, there are three developers working on cinematics, gameplay, and sound which naturally expands the scope and quality of the game.

The basic storyline behind New Orbit is that the player is an engineer in an escape pod floating around the ruins of a mothership that was blown up on a mysterious mission. Because the player is simply a lowly engineer they are not privy to the details of the mission, and that is what much of the storyline revolves around. Taking a page from the wildly successful Kerbal Space Program game; the escape pod can be upgraded with numerous parts and sensors that, along with even fuel amount, realistically alter the performance of the craft. New Orbit even includes real-time cockpit control panels when sensors are added to the spacecraft. In order to add some new high-tech sensor from a wreckage the player might have to upgrade to a better generator in order supply enough power. This example shows how much attention was paid to even the smallest details of New Orbit.

This great gameplay is built around what is promised to be an extraordinary story that is sure to keep players committed to ensuring their virtual counterpart’s survival and wellbeing. At the time of writing, with 8 days to go, New Orbit still needs $24,000 to become fully funded, and from what I have seen this game more than deserves to be seen to completion. Those who enjoy simulation games like Kerbal or adventure games are sure to find themselves investing a lot of time into New Orbit. So, like always, do what is possible and at the very least pay their KickStarter page a visit and consider helping a deserving project.

Joseph Bertolini
Joseph is an Mechanical Engineering student at The Ohio State University as well as an amateur photographer.
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