Kickstarter Spotlight: Pebble

Kickstarter Spotlight: Pebble

Apr 18, 2012

Unlike most of the past Kickstarter projects that we have featured here on Android Rundown, the amazing Pebble watch is in no way in need of more financial support. In fact, if the project closed today, the Palo-Alto-based Pebble Technology would be awarded nearly $3.5 million more than their initial goal. The more astounding part is that this is merely just the beginning; the project still has almost a month remaining. It little less than a week, the Pebble watch has become the highest ever earning project on Kickstarter. To be fair, it helps that Pebble already has a working model in the wild for BlackBerry which has built a solid fan base with plenty of envious friends just waiting for the inevitable announcement of a model for Android and iOS.

For those who aren’t aware and don’t feel like reading the Kickstarter project page; Pebble is a watch that, through bluetooth, connects to any Android or iPhone and can be customized through downloadable apps that do anything from controlling music to display pace data for that morning jog. The advantage is that instead of reaching for a phone, all this information is instantly available at a glade on the user’s wrist. This is huge for runners and bikers, because instead of fumbling around for a phone and fidgeting with unlocking it a quick glance at the wrist displays time elapsed, distance travelled, and average speed. Also, other features that one would expect such as text message and email alerts and previews as well as caller ID. I know personally caller ID on my watch would be an amazing luxury because I am constantly leaving my phone is different rooms and missing calls because of it. Unfortunately, this leaves no excuse for not picking up the phone.

In my opinion, Pebble’s most necessary and valuable feature might also be its most overlooked. The screen is a technology called E-Paper which is a black and white e-ink style display meaning that it is fully readable in direct sunlight, just as what is used on e-readers. This means that even on a sunny day text messages are clear and readable, which is not always the case with fingerprint-caked smartphone screens. As if there needs to be more good news, an SDK is already available; user-generated content, as shown before, is never a bad thing. For any users of the great website, the Pebble watch also supports those notifications and alerts.

Even though the Pebble watch won’t be going on sale for a while and the $150 price tag may be a little steep (though by supporting the Kickstarter, the watch can be had for less), there appears to be no shortage of deserved hype and excitement for this amazing little watch.

Joseph Bertolini
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