KickStarter Spotlight: Pixel Kingdom

KickStarter Spotlight: Pixel Kingdom

Jan 10, 2013

One of the great things about KickStarter is that people who would normally have a very hard time developing games because of the steep monetary cliff are able to get a barometer from the public to see if their idea is worth publishing. This is especially true for college students who are financially strapped as it is with the rates of tuition, room & board, and books. There rarely is enough time or money to sit down and purchase the developing software and licenses to produce the games of the future. Today we’re looking at a game that is the brainchild of a college sophomore from Central Florida and it is a fresh take on the game-type that was popularized by games such as Plants vs. Zombies; where waves of enemies come down set lanes, and it is up to the player to deploy defenses down each specific aisle. Named Pixel Kingdom it is a small twist on this idea is that here these defenses are actively moving down their lane in an endless battlefield against the ranks of evil. Thrown in are a handful of bosses that fill multiple lanes, such as random dragon attacks.

The whole art direction is very familiar but also very well done. Pixel art is nothing new, but when done right the affect is both attractive and still different then a majority of the apps in its category. Each unit; there are 9 of them so far, has a very unique design and they all look great, and it is very apparent that a lot of effort went in to the design of these units. The kinds of units vary greatly as well and range from the usual warrior and archer to necromancers and berserkers who are clad in purple and red, respectively. The variation in unit types is essential to a game like this as it adds much needed variation and increases the opportunity for creativity, which is rarely a bad thing.

Pixel Kingdom promises infinite levels which is a great idea because it promises that the game will never end and there will always be something new to play. The idea of having an invite level is great, but I do find it concerning because that means the game is never really done which means that there is no real conclusion to strive for. Seeing as this game is still very much still in the developing phase there still is a long time for changes to take place, and I have no doubt that with some funding from the KickStarter crowd more features will begin to appear that will make this game a Play Store juggernaught. I see a lot of promise in this young sophomore and I hope the KickStarter community does as well; as it stands at the time of writing, with a month to go Pixel Kingdom still needs more than $4,000 to meet its goal. So spread the word, and help give some deserving young developer a shot at glory.

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Joseph Bertolini
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