KickStarter Spotlight: Podprop

KickStarter Spotlight: Podprop

May 2, 2012

One often mocked feature of my HTC EVO 4G is its convenient kickstand. People just love to comment on that flimsy piece of plastic that allows me to prop my phone precariously on its side calling it ‘excessive’ and ‘worthless’. However, for the few times I watch movies or display clocks, (such as the previously reviewed DoubleTwist Alarm) the ability to stand my phone on its side is an overlooked convenience. Most phones, however, do not come with this inherent feature, and for those who read from them at night or just want to keep notifications in view at a desk are left wanting. A recent KickStarter project has an almost stupidly simple design that delivers a consistent and flexible hold for basically any device while still allowing for charging. Podprop is a stand for any electronic device, be it an tiny iPod Nano to a gargantuan PSP and anything in-between.

Made out of a durable polyurethane foam this stand can be placed on any surface, flat or not. The stand has two grooves in its central well to allow for portrait and landscape display, and it is encased in a durable vinyl coating that firmly grabs onto anything that does not fit in the well; allowing for viewing at any angle and greater device compatibility. At the bottom of the well is a hole that allows chargers and cords to be inserted through a small channel that runs along the base so the Podprop stays flat on the ground even while charging.

The Podprop is debuting in four colors and will be exclusively be made in America. A bonus for fans of a previous blog post about the Pebble E-Paper watch; the Podprop was specially designed with that product in mind. So, help give the Podprop a chance, retailing for around $15 this is a cheap buy that is only possible with the aide of the internet.

Joseph Bertolini
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