KickStarter Spotlight: Rhino Shield

KickStarter Spotlight: Rhino Shield

Feb 20, 2013

If I thought about some of the least sexy things that I could write this KickStarter Spotlight on, I would imagine that plastic screen protectors would be somewhere near the top. These are the things that nobody wants on their device and, in my opinion, something that really muddles the advantage in having a swift, crisp display. So, that aside, for me to take up an entire blog post about a screen cover it must be fairly incredible. All the latest advancements in Corning’s Gorilla Glass and similar products have ushered in a new wave of advanced smartphone screens capable of being ever sensitive as well as strong. Unfortunately, things do happen. Every smartphone owner, including your’s truly, has that story of the time that they dropped their phone a mere foot and ended up with that disheartening spider-webbed glass. While we might not be able to do anything about the glass in modern phones there is certain control over what goes on that screen. Enter Evolutive Lab’s Rhino Shield which, among carrying on the animal moniker trend, is by-far-and-away the most unbelievable protection that I have ever seen.

Rhino Shield is a super-thin film that adheres to the glass on most smartphones and basically exists to absorb pretty much everything one could throw at it. The demo videos on the Rhino Shield KickStarter page are incredibly impressive and it truly is a marvel in modern technology. A video taken from CES shows the Rhino Shield protected glass shrugging off heavy impacts that had just previously shattered its unprotected counterparts and even, in one instance, a sheet of aluminum. After all that, the Evolutive Labs representative takes the piece of glass and puts 100 lbs of force directly onto the face, leaving an impression into the film, but leaving no damage on the actual glass. He notes that they are still testing to find the true breaking point of the glass, and judging by how well it performed in the demo it is not hard to imagine it being somewhere in the low 200’s. This is akin to the average individual placing their phone face up and physically standing on the screen with soccer cleats and not leaving so much as a scratch, because, oh yeah, Rhino Shield is also incredibly scratch and fingerprint resistant.

Most people spend hundreds of dollars on their phones and given the still-fragile nature of the glass that they are comprised of it makes sense to splurge a bit and grab something that is guaranteed to keep that phone protected with most everything short of an elephant. Unfortuanely, even with all this great press, Evolutive Labs is still about $34,000 short of their goal with just over 20 days remaining. So, I strongly encourage everyone to at least take a look at their page and watch the videos, because as always with KickStarter, if the goal is not reached no funding is given.

Joseph Bertolini
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