KickStarter Spotlight: Smart Bags

KickStarter Spotlight: Smart Bags

Apr 17, 2013

I can speak from personal experience, and I am sure that many of our readers can as well, but there is nothing more nerve-wracking that bringing a smartphone along in a place that can get messy. Be it out in the garden, in the shop, on the lake, or in the kitchen; smartphones take a beating and, for the most part, bounce right back up. I am not talking about falls but more spills and general debris that can accumulate on phones in dirty environments. Picture someone working on a car who has grease and oil on their hands, but still needs to answer their smartphone to answer an important call. Usually they will have to completely clean their hands or bite the bullet and dirty their screen, but now with an incredibly simple and inexpensive KickStarter project that decision will become obsolete. Smart Bags are honestly nothing more than reinforced and fully biodegradable sandwich bags which are tailored to fit around conventional smartphones. People have been doing this for a while but never has their been bags that are disposable and offer the ability to conform to specific brands.

Because the plastic is thicker and anti-static the risk of damage is incredibly minimal and any user should feel more than safe bringing their phone with them to the beach or out camping during a misty, muddy afternoon. The plastic still allows use of the phone without the threat of a scratched screen or water damage, and its thickness prevents the bunching and sticking that is common with regular sandwich bags.

Seeing as phones are getting increasingly expensive it would only make sense that people are spending money to help keep them in operational shape. These bags initially will cost around $1 for a bag that will fit a specific phone. This seems like a lot on first glance, but considering that they will not be used every day and the alternative to destroying a phone, the price seems quite reasonable. Smart Bags is a little under 20% to its goal, but with over 20 days remaining it appears likely that this great product will see store shelves. Personally, I am excited to be able to confidently take my phone canoeing with me and have full confidence that at the end of the trip it won’t need a classic rice bath.

Joseph Bertolini
Joseph is an Mechanical Engineering student at The Ohio State University as well as an amateur photographer.
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  • Josh Logan

    Seriously? A zip-loc sandwich bag works just as well. Ball up a few in the corner of your travel bag and you’re golden.