KickStarter Spotlight: Station

KickStarter Spotlight: Station

Mar 27, 2013

Everyone could use some help being more organized; it is not a secret. An amazing percentage of the clutter that will build on an average desk are objects that are only there temporarily, such as a phone, keys, or wallet. There are hundreds of desk organizers that are available for purchase either online or at any store with an office section, but there are generally cheap and crudely constructed. At the least, a majority of them are overdone and attempt to do too much which might not be a problem for most people, but for those who are looking to add a little minimalist flair to their desk these obtuse organizers tend to get in the way. Over in KickStarter land there is a budding and promising new project that aims to deliver a precisely crafted organizer that also is pleasing on the eyes and might even garner a few compliments. This project is called Station, and it aims to clear the clutter in the most minimalist way possible.

Station is really nothing more than a piece of machined bamboo, which, as the developers are quick to point out, is one of the fastest renewing resources. The product is really designed for those who do not need much in the way of mass organization, and therefor really caters to a very specific client who does not need paper storage and only has a handful of items with them daily. There are three compartments here, a narrow trough for a pen or two, a large rectangular, multifunctional bay aptly deemed “stuff”, and a small, deeper gap for a smartphone to stand at an angle. By keeping the Station small the creators really allow for it to be placed anywhere, and it’s gorgeous, simple bamboo finish is enough to fit seamlessly into a modern living room or bedroom. My one gripe is that there should be at least an option to thread a charging cord into the phone dock.

With product consolidation at an all time high the need for a receptacle that holds a large plethora of items is waning, and it is hard to find many people who are carrying much more than a phone, keys, a pen, and a wallet. For only $29 retail, the Station is a cheap way to add a little extra functionality and style to an office or living area. With almost a month left to go, Station is almost half way to it’s $5,000 goal so for those looking for a discount donation price better ask quick before they’re all sold out.

Joseph Bertolini
Joseph is an Mechanical Engineering student at The Ohio State University as well as an amateur photographer.
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