KickStarter Spotlight: Symphony Shells

KickStarter Spotlight: Symphony Shells

Dec 19, 2012

Stands for smartphones are a very usual kickstarted project because they are all generally very simple and relatively cheap to make. We have done a few here for this blog post, and I was trying to stay away from them, but after seeing the crazy look of this week’s KickStarter Spotlight project I had to do it. This week I am showing off Simply Amplified’s Symphony Shells. They are 3-D printed phone stands that are shaped like real-life oceanic shells. They come in three separate forms, the urchin; small and spiked, the murex; arched and pointy, and the nautilus; square and twisting. All can be done in a very colorful and ornate tie-dye pattern or simply come in a solid or di-chromatic color scheme. My initial favorite is the nautilus simply because of its epic size and crazy spiky, square spiral. These really are very beautiful designs and any of them would display a smartphone with style and aplomb.

These designs are printed on a state-of-the-art 3-D printer using eco-friendly materials which means that they are going to be of the highest quality while still keeping the environment in consideration. Unfortunately, it seems that because of this the price tag will probably be higher than most consumers are willing to pay. The urchin in understandably the cheapest because it is the smallest and it comes in at about $35 for one color and $45 with a design. Double those prices and there is the murex, and with another doubling the giant nautilus is available. I am not entirely sure who would pay just south of $200 for a piece of plastic that does not include a set of speakers, but $35 for the urchin seems reasonable if only for the uniqueness of the product.

Overall though, they are not asking for very much, only about $5k which is low by KickStarter standards and for those with the money this would make an incredible gift for anyone with a compatible smartphone. Honestly, if the money is there, the nautilus would make a great centerpiece regardless of weather it holds a smartphone or not.

Joseph Bertolini
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  • CrissyPants

    These are awesome! I love how they are made- it blows my mind! I like the idea of customization- having a photo mapped right into the printing process. So cool. Maybe old-fashioned sheet music mapped to the Nautilus for juxtaposition? Love it!!!