KickStarter Spotlight: Synergy

KickStarter Spotlight: Synergy

Aug 14, 2013

For the uninitiated wireless charging seems like a folly. Something that is inherently impossible that does not seem logical. Well, wireless charging is, in fact, a real thing and it is expected that the next generation of smartphones will include some kind of wireless charging capability. This is all well and good but for now the mats that these devices are charged on are quite bulky and mostly just take up space. Not to mention that the phone is essentially paralyzed and inert lying down on a table during the charging process.

Hailing from Austin, Texas Daniel D’Agostino and his impressive KickStarter project, Synergy, set out to change the landscape of wireless charging forever. By creating a solid, well crafted stand and incorporating wireless charging into it, Daniel has created a device that allows for the most convenient charging experience to date. Synergy is perfect for offices and is especially useful in the car. No suction cup gimmicks here, simply place an adhesive base plate behind the rear-view mirror and snap Synergy on before setting out on the morning commute. Thanks to programmable NFC tags a specific program or action can be run upon connection making this process even more user-friendly.


Synergy uses Qi; a standard in the world of wireless charging, but most current generation smartphone will have no problem connecting to the device via a separate case that attaches to the incredibly powerful rare-earth magnet. The feature that impressed me most after looking at Synergy’s KickStarter page had to be the strength of this magnet; as there seemed to be no way to accidentally shake or push a phone off the stand. Wether this magnet is harmful to a phone remains to be seen, but at least the phones in the video seemed to be working just fine. I would just advise keeping wallets well clear of this face.

Synergy comes with two “base stations” one for the car and a 1.5 lb bedside stand. The actual mounting plate does not carry a charge but draws the power from these stations and plays the middleman. The front face even lights up for a few seconds when an object comes within a few inches of its proximity sensor which facilitates nighttime charging. Personally, I am excited to see this project reach the shelves; not only for Daniel, but because of all the competing products that will expedite the arrival of ubiquitous wireless charging. This could be the catalyst for the future, but only if it is funded by Saturday, August 24th.

Joseph Bertolini
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