Kickstarter Spotlight: Telepath Tactics

Kickstarter Spotlight: Telepath Tactics

Mar 15, 2013

This is a special edition of our Kickstarter Spotlight column, because a promising turn-based strategy game that is planned to release on Android has just launched its Kickstarter campaign. Sinster Design’s Telepath Tactics is taking a second shot at getting funded on Kickstarter, and there’s plenty of reasons to care about this throwback to the days of 2D grid-based turn-based strategy games like Shining Force and Fire Emblem. The game has hopes to be a deep single- and multiplayer experience, but it needs the help of backers in order to reach its goal.

As the title intimates, telepathy plays a big part, as the game takes place in Sinister Design’s Telepath RPG series, full of characters with powerful mental abilities. These not only represent the standard magical ability tropes such as healing and ranged attacks, but it’s also possible to do things like push and pull enemies into water or lava, which will do damage to them. It’s also just funny to push an enemy into a fiery grave. It’s also possible to do things like build bridges (or destroy them), freeze water to walk across, and set traps to help keep enemies away, or to draw them in to a strategic disadvantage.

It’s more fun when that enemy is controlled by another player, which is another important part of Telepath Tactics: the multiplayer. Up to six players can battle it out in either free-for-all or team situations to see who’s will be the most successful veteran of the psychic wars. Make your friends scream for these shakes to not go on any more. The game is currently configured with local multiplayer; online multiplayer has been discussed. Of course, don’t forget about the lengthy singleplayer campaign, with the ability to create your own maps and campaigns in the editor.

Right now, the game is being targeted for PC, Mac, and Linux, and they will likely get the game first, but an Android version is in the cards, and should be very possible, as the game is built in Flash, and as the game is 2D, should run on a variety of hardware, and may only require some interface tweaks to work better on touchscreen devices. A public demo for computers is available now, however, for those that want to give the game a whirl.

The Kickstarter is already at the two-thirds point of funding, with a $15,000 goal. Backers who shell out enough can get a copy of the game as soon as the campaign ends, though it will be an unfinished version with the final content coming later. Other rewards include the ability to name a character, become an NPC, an hour to chat with Craig Stern (and get beard trimming tips!), and even license the game engine for a commercial project. The Kickstarter runs until Tuesday, April 16th.

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