KickStarter Spotlight: Velocity Clip

KickStarter Spotlight: Velocity Clip

Oct 31, 2012

Anyone who has ever done anything athletic has probably wished they had been able to catch that on camera from their point of view. Taking a bike ride down a mountain trail, surfing, or escaping the police on foot; all of these would generate some great first person video along with a pretty epic Facebook post. There are mounts out there for sure, even specialty cameras for this sort of thing, so what is the problem. The problem is that these are generally priced too high and are not flexible enough. Also, why buy a new video camera when most modern smartphones shoot in 1080p video anyway. The perfect harness would be something that was able to be placed on an array of locations as well as be able to securely clasp a majority of the vast world of smartphones. Fortunately, a gnarly duo from, where else, San Francisco has created just that. Meet the Velocity Clip; a phone harness that allows for excellent first-person video while holding nearly any smartphone with vault like security.

Looking for flexibility? It is a good thing the Velocity Clip can be placed pretty much anywhere on the body with its array of harnesses and clips. The best position is naturally on the chest but it can go anywhere including the head with an included mounting strap. Coming also is a third mount that contains a super powerful adhesive which is advertised to be able to stick to motorcycle helmets during high speeds. I am not sure who would trust their new S3 to that claim, and needless to say I am not quite sold there. Fortunately, the actual clasp that holds the phone looks quite well designed with two locking screws and a grip that is made from the same material as NFL receiver gloves. The clutch is easily expanded and can even support most point and shoot cameras as well as the ability to tilt up or down for an optimal shooting angle.

The asking price for the Velocity Clip is pretty ambitious but there is a reason for that. In order to make the whole package cost effective they have to run more product but by doing that their total cost is greater even though the cost per piece is less. So instead of running a typical 500 units and selling them for $80 they are trying to run 1200 units which would allow the Velocity Clip to be sold at a very reasonable $49 for three separate mounts.

Joseph Bertolini
Joseph is an Mechanical Engineering student at The Ohio State University as well as an amateur photographer.
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