KickStarter Spotlight: Wars and Battles

KickStarter Spotlight: Wars and Battles

Jul 24, 2013

So, maybe I’m not as deeply intrenched into the world of tabletop strategy games as some, but I share a deep appreciation for those classic, tactile games. There are not many things that can replace the feeling of moving a physical token around the board or jealously guarding a handful of unit cards. Basically, in order for a mobile or computer game to eclipse this it has to bring something new to the “table” and give me a compelling reason to choose it over the established, because staring at a tiny screen cannot replace friends around the kitchen table.

So what does Wars and Battles do differently that would make it the next great thing in strategy war games? Two words: simplicity, and authenticity. A lot of games throw the player into the midst of a hypothetical war without a great magnitude of backstory, and make them duke it out with faceless minions. What makes this KickStarter hopeful different is that every battlefield and army are real world places and nations. The two examples given are Gettysburg and Normandy; i.e. some of the biggest military battles in history. Each unit is lovingly displayed with a full paragraph description about their history and contribution to the war effort. The game developers has actual historians working with the programmers in order to make this the most historically accurate game it can be. Oh, did I mention that they also have active officers and veterans analyzing strategies and maps? No? Well, they do; which is awesome.

Walking in the shoes of our ancestors; as well as a vastly simplified yet unique command system, makes for a very compelling game that can be played on nearly any device; alone or with friends. While Wars and Battles might not replace that Risk board when friends come calling, it has a great opportunity to win out in nearly every other situation. Unfortunately, because these battlefields are so detailed, a $10 donation will only allow for gameplay on one. This is lessened by the fact that each map has 10 different scenarios which supposedly delivers around 100 hours of gameplay. I would assume that these maps are able to be bought later on, and most likely at a price below $10. After thinking about it, this really is not as bad of a deal as it seems on the surface, and with a new map coming out ever two months, the long term rewards really are endless.

So, get to it internet. Check out Wars and Battles and help this game; which these great developers have been meticulously crafting, become as real as the wars it contains.

Joseph Bertolini
Joseph is an Mechanical Engineering student at The Ohio State University as well as an amateur photographer.
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