Legends of Yore Beta: A Less Intense Roguelike Experience Now In Beta

Legends of Yore Beta: A Less Intense Roguelike Experience Now In Beta

May 11, 2011

The problem with most roguelikes is that they have a very steep barrier to entry – there are a lot of complications, to put it lightly. There are so many stats, so many items, so many actions that could be potentially done in just one turn that it tends to dissaude anyone who’s new to the genre, just based on sheer complexity alone. Thankfully, one game is hoping to ease the barrier of entry, and to provide a more casual experience. Say hello to Legends of Yore, a casual-focused roguelike with pixel graphics.

Currently in beta, Legends of Yore plays similarly to a game like the iOS port of Sword of Fargoal. The goal is to control an adventurer, lead him through dungeons and towns, while collecting items and weapons along the way, along with gold and experience points. Combat is as simple as walking up to an enemy and attacking it, just like Sword of Fargoal. Items like apples and potions can be consumed to replenish health. There 3 classes to choose from – a warrior class, archer class, and magician class. The game seems to hint at some kind of online feature, as it requires a user account to restore saved games. The game is also available for free on iOS, and does not support cross-platform saving yet.

The game currently suffers in a few areas, however. The game is not properly formatted for widescreen resolutions, as confirmed by playing the game via the Galaxy S’ TV-out feature with the TV in 4:3 – it definitely makes the picture look stretched on the phone itself. The game needs to explain what is going on – there is no hint as to what the story is, what the goal is, or what to do. For example, one class has a “Rage” meter that is never explained. Wandering and self-discovery are the goals here. As well, some kind of manual save feature needs to be implemented, as only auto-saving is in the game presently. The controls need work, as it is possible to either move by way of virtual d-pad or by tapping on the screen to move the character to that spot. Sometimes, it is possible to try and tap on a certain spot and have the character wind up going to a spot on the map near the d-pad due to an actual touch there. These issues are presumably why the game is still in beta – it is a free download, worth checking out for those curious about roguelike games but not quite willing to invest the time and effort in some of the genre’s more demanding entries.

Carter Dotson
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