LinkedIn Brings its Focused Networking Tool Connected to Android

LinkedIn Brings its Focused Networking Tool Connected to Android

Feb 24, 2015

In an effort to be even more relevant, LinkedIn recently released a new standalone application aimed at strengthening professional relationships on the Play Store.

The new app, called Connected, looks to enable users to hone in and be updated on personal and professional status changes. Formerly an iOS exclusive, the app is definitely a welcome addition on Android OS.

The new LinkedIn Connected app is a fast, easy, and smarter way to strengthen your professional relationships. Why is that important? Because most opportunities come from the people you already know, and fostering genuine relationships can help you be more successful. Connected gives you relevant updates about the people you know, so you can reach out when it matters most.
So invest in your connections today for opportunities tomorrow.
• Know when to reach out. Get notified about jobs changes, birthdays, work anniversaries, & more.
• Focus on the people who matter with relevant, timely updates.
• Make a great impression and start better conversations with pre-meeting intelligence.
• Build stronger relationships in just a few minutes a day.

LinkedIn Connected is free on the Play Store.

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