Longtime iOS Developer Retro Dreamer Enters the World of Android with Matching Game DoubleTake

Longtime iOS developer Retro Dreamer has finally made their debut on Android. Speaking with Retro Dreamer’s Gavin Bowman, he has expressed skepticism toward Android as a viable platform, though they are now experimenting with releasing games for it. The first of their Android releases is a port of their memory matching game, DoubleTake. This game has players flipping over tiles, trying to match the same shapes with each other. There are four different modes: Sprint, where players try to make as many matches as possible in 60 seconds; Timed, where players race against the clock to make matches, with each match increasing the timer; Survival, where each mismatch drains health, and each match replenishes health; Finally, there’s Basic, where the goal is to make a full grid of matches. The game is available for free, and is ad-supported. Gavin Bowman has mentioned potentially working on their biggest iOS game, Sneezies, for Android as well. For more, listen to today’s episode of The Portable Podcast.

Carter Dotson
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