M1 Manager launches on Android

M1 Manager launches on Android

May 19, 2017

M1 Manager is a new cross-platform game that just arrived on Android, courtesy of Anshar Studios S.A.

This one is a fighting/management sim, allowing the player to take an aspiring pugilist all the way to the top.

Per Google Play:

M1 Manager is a brand-new free-to-play multiplayer management game, created especially for mobile platforms. Become the manager of a rising fighter and help them reach the very top! With M1 Manager, players choose the way their fighters train, who they fight, and what style is their hallmark. Compete with your friends and other player for the place on the official M1 Global rank list, or fight in underground fight and high-stakes duels to gain money, rank and recognition!

As noted, the game is free to play.

Check out the trailer:

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