Madden NFL 12 Free on Verizon VCAST Apps October 1st-3rd

Madden NFL 12 Free on Verizon VCAST Apps October 1st-3rd

Sep 30, 2011

Weekend time is football time. That might be why Americans love the sport so much. Americans also like free stuff, and Americans who like free stuff and football are in luck, if they’re Verizon subscribers. This weekend, going through Monday, Madden NFL 12 from EA Sports is available for free from Verizon VCAST Apps.. This is a full-fledged 3D Madden NFL game, replete with season and playoff modes for long-term play, and advanced control options available such as Action Control Time and Total Defensive Control. The game will be free starting on Saturday, October 1st, so Verizon owners may want to check this out. The game is available either by downloading it from VCAST Apps on selected devices, or by calling **MADDEN from a Verizon phone to download. While the game does support tablets and devices on 2.1, the phones officially supported by the update are the Incredible 2.2, Vortex 2.2, Continuum , Thunderbolt 2.2, Droid Pro 2.2, Fascinate 2.2, Incredible 2 2.2, Command, DROID Charge, Revolution 2.2, Droid X2 2.2, and Droid X2.3, so owners of devices not on that list may not be part of this offer. If it works, then leave us a note in the comments!

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  • gamecentral247

    Just bought the game. Nice game, but the server was suddenly down though recently. :(