Majesty: The Northern Expansion and Dark Legends Are Updated

Majesty: The Northern Expansion and Dark Legends Are Updated

Jul 6, 2012

The beauty of mobile games is that they’re expandable through updates. A couple of deep games, Majesty: The Northern Expansion and Dark Legends have gotten some updates recently.

First, Majesty‘s newest update brings some challenges to the fantasy world that hit close to home. Players must try to solve the problems of a tax crisis and overpopulation in the fantasy strategy game. Fiction mirrors our reality, though dragons not paying taxes is something I can say I’ve never seen. That happens in this game! The update is available now.

Second, Dark Legends has finally somewhat eliminated the energy mechanic that players were angry about, and was discussed in the Hangout with Spacetime Studios. Energy is only used for the story missions, which are used for rewards; energy is not necessary to play the main story missions at all, making it easier to play with friends and strangers. The update is available now as a live update, not necessarily requiring a client update through where the game was downloaded.

Carter Dotson
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