To Do Mapr Helps Plot Out Errands

To Do Mapr Helps Plot Out Errands

Jul 17, 2012

To Do Mapr is another to-do list app that lets users add tasks with a notification timer alerting them at a specified time. Notes and tags can be added to tasks as well. But what makes this app unique is its mapping features.

Users type in a destination and a time that they want the task at that destination to be done. A list of destinations matching the search are shown on a Google map, which can then be added with a time to the list. Once all the destinations have been added, the app can then plot a travel course, showing the path that users will take, along with estimated distance, time, and fuel usage. This is extremely handy when running errands, to show just how to drive between different destinations. While it’s possible to view traffic in the app, there’s no way to send directions to turn-by-turn navigation yet. EDIT: The developer points out in the comments below that tapping on a pin will open up directions to a destination in Google Maps.

To Do Mapr is still a potentially useful tool, and is available for free from Google Play.

Carter Dotson
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  • Naushad

    Hello Carter.  I am the lead developer for To Do Mapr.  Thank you for posting this article about the application.  We hope to gain more exposure as bloggers see the uses of an application like this.  One note however, you mentioned there is no way to get turn-by-turn directions… when you map your locations for the day by pressing the Map Tasks button, you can click on any pin then select directions.  This takes you to Google Maps app for the turn-by-turn directions.  Once you reach your destination, you can pretty back to get into To Do Mapr to mark your task completed and select your next location on your journey while To Do Mapr shows you the optimal path for the locations left in your list.