Market Unlocker Frees Users From Carrier or Country Based Market Restrictions

Market Unlocker Frees Users From Carrier or Country Based Market Restrictions

Feb 14, 2012

Android’s openness is both a tool for users and a hindrance – Android has the ability for carriers to hide certain apps from appearing on a user’s device if the Android Market detects that they are on a certain carrier, through a 5 or 6 digit code associated with each carrier. This is used to hide apps like tethering apps, because by controlling tethering access, the carriers can limit data consumption and generate more revenue by selling tethering plans for an extra $20 or so per month. As well, the Amazon Appstore is currently not available to non-US customers, which can be flustering to those who want some of their free apps that they give away on a daily basis.

The beauty of Android’s openness is that it’s only if the Market can detect the user’s carrier. That’s where Market Unlocker comes in. It can unlock the Market on devices to appear on any carrier, or even in any country. First off, this requires root access, so it’s not an entirely simple process. Get that straightened away, and then Market Unlocker’s tools become available. For Android 2.x devices, it can simply emulate different and custom carrier values in order to make a different Market appear. For Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich devices, it uses a proxy that can be utilized to not only visit a carrier-agnostic version of the Android Market, but to access the Amazon Appstore, which does not sell apps outside of the US.

Market Unlocker is free to download and to try out, and comes with a banner ad at the bottom of the screen that is disabled in the $0.99 Market Unlocker Pro. So go on! Tether so much that a carrier executive’s knees get weak over all the additional mobile data consumption! Or, don’t do that, because then they’ll want more money. Get Market Unlocker from the Android Market before the hammers of the carrier overwatch find out and ironically block it from the Market. Then this app would really be necessary.

Carter Dotson
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