Meganoid 2 Coming Soon – Prepare for a Challenge

Meganoid 2 Coming Soon – Prepare for a Challenge

Oct 24, 2012

Prolific indie developer Orangepixel is getting ready to release its newest pixel art action game: Meganoid 2. Pascal Bestebroer, the head of the one man studio, claims that the goal of the game is to be extremely challenging. So far, mission accomplished. There’s devious traps to avoid like suddenly-appearing spikes, blocks that fall from the ciling only when the player gets really near, and just plain difficult platforming. There’s medals for finishing the level in one piece, collecting the idol in each level, and finishing in under the allotted time. None of the goals are easy at all.

Visually, the game uses the familiar Orangepixel style, while also using a more rustic adventurer style, as players control the grandpa of the protagonist of the original Meganoid.

Excited to play this? Well, the game releases on October 26th, in both an ad-supported free version and paid ad-free version. Android owners take heart that this is a limited-time exclusive to the platform. Check out some screens below, and be prepared for more titles in the future from Orangepixel, including a 2-player co-op title called Gunslugs.

Carter Dotson
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