Megatron drops on TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight

Megatron drops on TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight

Jul 5, 2017

When it comes to cross-town rivalries and the like, few measure up to intergalactic squabble between the heroic Optimus Prime and the dastardly Megatron, the yin and yang of the Transformers universe.

Now, Kabam’s popular movie tie-in TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight is getting the Big Heavy is “getting closer.”

Soundwave made an excellent boss, but his time has come to an end. He’s been forcefully removed by the increasingly volatile Megatron, as he returns to take his place as the new boss of Alliance Missions!

Per Google Play, here is the full list of changes in the current update:


• A brutal and relentless force is drawing closer. A king in his own mind, and a ruler with nothing but darkness in his spark. Megatron is near.
• Added the ability to cancel Away Missions already in progress.
• Fixed a visual bug with the Alliance Help status bar.
• Fixed an issue causing a short hang between selecting Bots before a fight.
• Fixed a case where an Arena win would count incorrectly as a loss.
• Bug fixes, localization updates, and optimizations.

The game remains free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

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