Minecraft and 2D Boy Enjoy Financial Success from Android Releases

Minecraft and 2D Boy Enjoy Financial Success from Android Releases

Jan 20, 2012

Minecraft Pocket Edition may not be a full representation of the PC Minecraft experience, but the game is selling rather well so far. Over 700,000 copies of the game have been sold, according to one of the >Pocket Edition‘s developers, Daniel Kaplan. As well, the app is currently selling about 5,000 copies a day. Specific platform numbers were not given.

Obviously, the question with these sales numbers is just how many were sold when the game was part of the 10-cent sale back in December? Those likely are inflating the numbers, but the thing to keep note of is that other than that, the game’s regular price is $6.99. If the number includes iOS sales, then considering the app has been hanging around the top charts on both the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad charts, and the game has been $6.99 for the rest of its existence on Android, that means that Mojang has pulled down quite a lot of revenue from this game. Having name recognition helps, but still, this is a mammoth success for Mojang and for mobile gaming.

This shows that premium prices are not entirely dead. People will buy games at higher prices compared to the rest of the market that prices frequently at points of $0.99 and even free. Can a developer just starting out hope to price a game at this high price point and hope to succeed? It’s far less likely, unless there was a massive pre-release hype, a groundswell of support among those in the know to drive sales.

More likely is that established indie developers might be more confident to launch on mobile and on Android, knowing that success can be had from selling at a higher price point, assuming it’s a known quantity. As 2D Boy have also shown, the Android version has done well, pushing 70,000 copies since its release. As 2D Boy’s Ron Carmel says in his post: “the Android Market is no longer the tiny upstart it was a year or two ago.” It is increasing as a real financial opportunity for developers.

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