MiniSquadron Special Edition Set to Fly January 11th

MiniSquadron Special Edition Set to Fly January 11th

Jan 3, 2011

[Update 1/11: MiniSquadron Special Edition now live in Android Market as promised! Cost = $0.99 until 1/17 — Download: MiniSquadron Special Edition]

Would you consider yourself a MiniSquadron daredevil? Are you jealous of your iOS counterparts because they have the “Special Edition” version? No more, my angry Android aviators; MiniSquadron Special Edition will be ours! Dust off those 2D aviator glasses and get ready for combat because MiniSquadron SE is set to hit the Android Market on 1.11.11. This sequel features the same frantic side-scrolling aerial combat as the original with a whole slew of new content:

  • 8 brand new levels, beautifully drawn and each accompanied with a track by more Dead Composers.
  • Helicopters which hover – providing new gameplay opportunities.
  • Over 50 more planes to unlock.
  • 2 new pickups: “Rapid Fire” and “Freeze.”
  • A new weapon – Fireballs!
  • More animals to shoot down – including Jellyfish, Vampires and Hamsters!
  • Openfeint Achievements!

50 more planes to unlock! I guess my bathroom breaks are going to take a wee bit longer. If you haven’t heard of MiniSquadron then I suggest downloading the “Free” version to give the game a test flight before deciding on the full version. If you’re the type of person who enjoys frantic arcade shooters set to classical music and aerial combat vs ducks, seagulls, UFOs, devil planes and squid, then you may just like MiniSquadron! I’m not sure what the cost for the sequel will be but the original MiniSquadron currently goes for $2.99 in the Android Market.

For all of you who have already spent countless hours playing MiniSquadron, I’m happy to inform you that countless more hours await you with MiniSquadron SE. Check out the video below for a peek of what’s to come and be sure to mark your calenders — 1.11.11 (how could you forget).

Check out our MiniSquadron review for more info and download links MiniSquadron Review.

Source: Supermono Studios via Android Central

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