Misfit Unveils Phase, a Hybrid Smartwatch

Misfit Unveils Phase, a Hybrid Smartwatch

Oct 18, 2016

Misfit broke unto the health and fitness scene with the reputation of allowing functionality and style coexist in delightfully symbiotic way, and today, it looks like they are expanding on that premise with the introduction of Misfit Phase, a smartwatch with inherited fitness sensibilities.

The Phase tracks steps, distance moved and sleep pattern with the help of its 3-axis accelerometer; it works in alarms and notifications for calls, texts and more.

We hear the battery life is to die for:

Misfit Phase also works as a remote to connect with the world around you. Use Phase to control your music, take pictures with your phone, or advance slides in a presentation, all with the touch of a button. Misfit Phase automatically updates to reflect current time zone, and, like other Misfit products, features 6-month battery life and 50 meters water resistance.

Misfit general Manager Preston Moxcey is excited about the new product. “We’re thrilled to launch Misfit Phase, which employs Misfit’s energy efficient, miniaturized Bluetooth enabled technology in a traditional watch form factor,” he says. “Watches are the fashion-credible predecessor of wearable technology, and Misfit Phase showcases both the evolution of the wearable technology space and its convergence with the world of fashion accessories.”

The device will come in six different colors, with several options with regards to customization; it is slated for availability starting on November 7th, and will cost $175.

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