What You May Have Missed – Flight Control plus Bejeweled 2 For Android

What You May Have Missed – Flight Control plus Bejeweled 2 For Android

Feb 21, 2011

You may have missed a couple of popular games that hit the Market this past Friday but don’t sweat it, we have you covered.

Flight Control

The addicting and popular Firemint game “Flight Control” has arrived in the Android Market courtesy of Namco Bandi Games. Play the role of traffic controller as you try and guide various aircraft to their specific runways. Runways and aircraft are color specific and require a keen sense of finger directing to ensure there are no mid-air catastrophes. Flight Control for Android features multiple airfields, aircraft and stat-tracking.

The game is priced at $4.99 which seems to be a deal breaker for many, considering the games age and previous availability on other platforms for less. Couple that with a 10+ MB download, no App-to-SD-support, and you may just find yourself searching Priceline for a cheaper flight. If you can’t wait and are dying to get your hands on those in-flight snacks then head over to the Android Market and download Flight Control.

Download: Flight Control

Direct Android Web Market Link: Flight Control

Bejeweled 2

Another big name dropped on Friday was that of the popular game franchise Bejeweled. EA mobile released Bejeweled 2 on Android and it was not immediately embraced due to some sort of price discrepancy. Apparently the game was being offered to Verizon customers at the whopping price of $7.99 while everyone else could download it at $2.99. WTF is right! Don’t worry though, it seems they sorted it all out (with no explanation of course).

Bejeweled is a match 3 puzzle game using sparkling gems. Match 3 gems and watch them explode into points. Match 4 or more to create power gems that boost your score and your mood with brilliant cascades and combos. The Android version offers 4 different game modes and a “Hint” on-demand button but unfortunately does not include Blitz.

Not including Blitz doesn’t make much sense considering Bejeweled 2 for Android is priced higher than its iOS counterpart (which has Blitz). Priced higher than the iOS version and comes with less features, hmm — don’t think so! EA seems to have a track record for ruining games for users when it comes to Android and the Bejeweled debacle gets worse: users are complaining that Bejeweled 2 downloads hundreds of images into their photo gallery and removing them renders the game inoperable — Geesh! Well if you’re still with me and don’t give a bunny’s left foot what other people say, head on over to the Android Market and get yourself some carats.

Download: Bejeweled 2

Direct Android Web Market Link: Bejeweled 2

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