MLB At Bat ’12 Now Available on Android to Bring Live Baseball to the Masses

MLB At Bat ’12 Now Available on Android to Bring Live Baseball to the Masses

Mar 2, 2012

MLB At Bat ‘12 is now available for Android devices. As in previous years, the app offers baseball fans access to scores, news, and video on their favorite teams. As well, it offers premium features such as audio broadcasts for all the teams, the special Gameday view for tracking data in games as they happen, and live out-of-market games for MLB.TV subscribers.

This year’s version follows the lead of the iOS version in two ways. First, the app is optimized for both phones and tablets. Second, MLB.TV Premium subscribers can get the app’s features for free. Unlike on iOS where the full version is available as an in-app purchase, the Android version has a $14.99 paid version, and a free version. However, the features of the paid version can be unlocked in the free version by logging in with the account details. It will involve suffering the tyranny of having a Lite icon, though. Surely a theme designer will come up with a good alternate icon though.

Both the paid and Lite versions of MLB At Bat ‘12 are available now from the Android Market. Kindle Fire users can also find the apps on the Amazon Appstore. Preseason games will become available in the coming weeks, with the season starting on April 5th.

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